Meet Russell Figaredo

Russell Figaredo is perhaps an example of a time in history were people were just a little more polite, took more care in how they looked and presented themselves and had more respect for others. This is clearly evident in the way he treats customers of ABC NYC Limo.  According to Russell, “We ARE what service USED to be.”

Russell, an experienced limousine driver and lifetime resident of New York City, offers a service that is quite unique and stands apart from other town car and limo services in NYC. Perhaps it’s his love of all things New York, like the Rat Pack, music, New York City TV shows, and mafia movies, combined with exceptional service and his knowledge of the city that make his New York City tours exceptional.

A tour of New York City with ABC NYC Limo’s Russell Figaredo will definitely be an adventure unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Russell knows his city and because of his vast knowledge and interest in New York City, he can show you the little known, but fascinating hidden treasures, no other tour service can.  Russell’s New York City tours will take you off the beaten path and show you the locations where movies and TV shows like The Godfather, Law and Order, Fame, When Harry Met Sally, Seinfeld and many other shows and movies were and are currently being filmed. You can visit the places where Frank Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Carson, The Ramones, Blondie, and David Letterman got their start, and where George Washington gave his farewell address, and Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to President Kennedy.

Russell Figaredo, President of ABC NYC Limo is no stranger to chauffeuring some of the most well-known celebrities and politicians in New York City but treats each and every customer with the same respect and courtesy he shows to the A-listers.  Russell and his business have been featured on numerous reality shows throughout the years and the business is gaining the reputation of being one of New York City’s first-class town car and limo services.

ABC NYC Limo was founded as a result of Russell and his partners witnessing a decline in the quality of service in the limousine business.  From unkempt drivers, to late pick-ups, no shows, dirty cars and rude service, Russell believed the limo industry needed a major image repair.  He established his town car and limousine business on elegance and superior service that one should expect when hiring a town car or limo service. Russell loves his business and takes great pride in the services offer by the company he founded. Russell and his wife Bea, who he affectionately refers to her as Beauty, enjoy life in the city they love, where Russell can share his knowledge of the city with others, doing a job he truly loves. Together, they have 3 sons Mikey, Daniel and Johnny and live happily ever after in Queens. For more information regarding our New York City Guided Sightseeing Tour services, call 1.800.429.5285 or make your reservation here.